On June 21st, 2016 the FAA provided a new regulatory guide for small unmanned aerial systems.  FAA Part 107.  The FAA requires you to be certified to operate commercially.  So our very own Ty Dodge, Professional Land Surveyor, for WI and MN can say he is FAA Part 107 certified!

Auth Consulting & Associates has always prided itself on keeping up with technology within the industry and providing their customers with great service.  So it makes sense that AC/a would take the next step and add a drone to the team.  AC/a bought its first Phantom 4 drone at the end of the year.

AC/a will now be able to offer detailed high resolution aerial photos to assist with collecting data for topographic surveys, site planning, and site design to name a few things.  Also there are the added benefits of reduced time in the field and additional safety for our AC/a employees.

We look forward to using this technology on your next project.