Lagoon grading for manure storage & transfer system

Manure Storage & Transfer System

The Project

Waste storage, transfer system, and site design for a new free stall barn.  The project included a new 9 million gallon concrete/HDPE lined waste storage lagoon to provide 7 months storage for the expanded herd of 1,400 dairy cows.  A new transfer system added under a new free stall barn to transfer sand laden manure to an existing sand lane. Denmark Dairy (Kragness), Town of Tainter, Dunn County WI


The Challenge

Our challenge during this project was the bedrock we encountered under the waste storage lagoon.   We needed to be able to remove the bedrock while balancing the earthwork to minimize excavation costs and maintain safety while ensuring environmental standards were met throughout the project.

The Solution

The AC/a design team identified the bedrock surface in the test pits, located the waste transfer system and storage structure to maintain necessary separation from bedrock with minimal bedrock removal, minimizing excavation costs for the project while providing the necessary documentation to verify environmental standards were maintained.

Project Management



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