Lagoon grading for manure storage & transfer system

Diesel Generator Installation

The Project

North Branch Municipal utilities operates a peak shaving facility. Three new 2,000 Kw diesel powered generators to replace 2 existing diesel powered generators.  New remote radiators were designed to be installed on an existing root structure along with coolant piping.  New 18” diameter engine exhaust stacks were designed as well.  General building/engine ventilation was designed to provide spare conditioning.  A new 20,000 gallon above ground diesel fuel storage tank with associated piping and day tanks were designed.  This project was completed while maintaining operation of 2 adjacent generators. North Branch Municipal Utilities, North Branch, MN

The Challenge

The existing facility was modified to fit the proposed new generator installation.  Space for this project was a premium.  Project deadlines were critical as the utility is contracted with Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) to provide peak shaving/generation.

The Solution

AC/a provided design/engineering services as a subcontractor.  We collaborated with other design professionals and the owner to help with providing a successful project for the City of North Branch.  Demolition plans were created and coordinated to minimize disruption to facility operation.

Project Management

Mechanical Engineering

HVAC & Plumbing Engineering

Electrical Engineering

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