Lagoon grading for manure storage & transfer system

Glass Furnace Construction

The Project

A new glass furnace (Tank 53) was constructed within an existing building complex between two existing furnaces while operating and in production. The building roof elevation was raised approximately 25 feet and three stories of old building sections were demolished. New foundations for the furnace and building were installed including micro-pier deep foundations. New electrical, natural gas, oxygen, high and low pressure compressed air, and process cooling water utilities were re-routed and expanded. This building and utility work were completed without one lost production piece or loss of time for the existing processes. World Kitchen, Corning, NY

The Challenge

AC/a had to totally remove and replace an entire building and process equipment and rebuild without interrupting existing production from two adjacent furnaces in very close proximity. The project was also completed within a very short construction period.

The Solution

AC/a worked with process design firms and installation contractors to develop phased construction demolition and new construction of building component and utility services. Close coordination with the active manufacturing processes with high temperatures and conveyance of product through the construction area was required. A high degree of flexibility was required as design decisions were required to be made “on the fly” with new parameters developing daily and hourly.

Project Management

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

HVAC & Plumbing Engineering

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