Lagoon grading for manure storage & transfer system

Process Installation

The Project

A new process installation consisting of a new glass melting furnace, forming equipment and raw material supply equipment at an existing facility located in Corning, New York. World Kitchen produces some of the world’s best known houseware products including  CorningWare®, Pyrex®, CORELLE®, Revere®, Chicago Cutlery®, and more.

The Challenge

The challenge with this project was that it was a new process and associated building modifications installed below, between, and above existing operational sensitive processes. There were extremely confined spaces which limited or eliminated the option of traditional design solutions. The site conditions were complicated by poor soils, contaminated soils and natural disasters during construction including an earthquake and hurricane Irene.

The Solution

The AC/a project team worked closely with plant personnel to provide temporary protective construction barriers to shield adjacent processes, building areas, and personnel from construction and weather elements.

Project Management

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

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