Lagoon grading for manure storage & transfer system

Process Systems Upgrade

The Project

Construction of a new Environmental Control System, a new Bulk Nitrogen Storage/Delivery System, and alterations to an elevated structural steel and concrete floor system, to accommodate new larger generators for the glass furnace. AGC Co., Richmond, KY.

The Challenge

The Civil/Structural construction was executed in phases while the existing process line was in operation on a 24/7 basis. The construction area was congested with multiple active utilities including high pressure natural gas, storm sewer and electrical services. Unexpected subsurface bedrock variations required design flexibility throughout the duration of the project.

The Solution

AC/a quickly examined, by being on site as necessary, the different challenges as they arose and developed several efficient solutions for each.  AC/a personnel worked closely with the client and the contractor to identify the most cost effective and timely solution.

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

Electrical Engineering

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