Lagoon grading for manure storage & transfer system

Wetland Survey

The Project

The Natural Resource Conservation Service, under the USDA, implemented a program to preserve grasslands and wetlands across the State of Wisconsin. Boundary surveys crossing multiple counties were needed to determine easements for those enrolled in this federal program. NRCS, Wisconsin Wetland Survey, State of Wisconsin

The Challenge

Properties and boundaries ranging from 20 acres to 1,000 acres located in difficult terrain including woods, swamps, ponds, and creeks. Access to many sites was difficult due to boundary corners falling under water and the need to conduct retracements of surveys from the early 1900’s to determine property boundaries.

The Solution

In the event corners were under water, surveys were completed in the winter when the ponds or creeks were frozen. All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, sleds, and snowshoes were used to access sites.


Mapping & Descriptions of Easements

Boundary Staking

Section Research & Reestablishment

Title Document Review

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