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HVAC & Plumbing Engineering

Auth Consulting & associates HVAC and Plumbing engineers work with all types of heating/cooling systems and plumbing for homes, commercial buildings, and industrial/ manufacturing facilities. We utilize renewable energy and conventional energy resources to maximize energy and cost efficiencies, meet building codes, safety standards, and your project’s unique requirements. We design and test plumbing systems to circulate, remove, and recycle water and waste products as well as provide fire protection for your facility.

Planning & Management

  • Feasibility Studies and Reports

  • Existing System Review

  • New Construction Inspection

  • Energy Saving & Usage Studies

  • Code Compliance & Approval

  • System Selection & Cost Estimating

  • Boiler Performance Studies

  • Pumping & Variable Speed Drives

Engineering & Design

  • HVAC Systems Constant Volume & VAV

  • Chilled Water Systems

  • Hydronic & Gas Piping

  • Specialty Piping

  • Hot & Cold Water Systems

  • Sanitary Sewer

  • Storm Water & Roof Drainage

  • Ventilation & Make-Up Air

  • Renewable Energy Sources

  • Site Utilities

  • Industrial Ductwork

  • Process Piping

Achieve your goals:
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We would be excited to discuss your project and offer any level of assistance that may be needed. We look forward to hearing from you!

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