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AFP Warehouse | Clear Lake, WI

Professional services were provided to Advanced Food Products for the design and construction of a new warehouse addition onto their existing manufacturing plant. The completed warehouse is 136,000 square feet and can store up to 16,000 pallets of finished product.

This 2-year project encompasses a large portion of AC/a's service portfolio, with the project consisting of land surveying, site and civil engineering, building design, structural engineering, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical design, as well as material racking and handling design.

Considerations in the design had to consider multilevel construction because of the site elevations and configurations that were involved. New street and utility construction were required to support new loading docks and truck traffic.

Pre-engineered steel buildings were used for the new warehouse along with new electrical, gas, water, sewer, and fire protection services, and the existing plant main electrical service had to be relocated and modified to allow the warehouse construction to commence. Plant outages had to be coordinated with 24-hour production schedules.

AC/a uses the Project Manager approach alongside the scope of our services, with the dedicated Project Manager communicating with and assembling all appropriate personnel for each individual project and task, attending necessary meetings, maintaining and monitoring the project budget and schedule, and addressing any issues that arise throughout the project. AC/a designer and Project Manager, Dale Adams, completed the preliminary construction budgeting and project renderings, and presented those renderings to corporate stakeholders. He also worked closely with the Village of Clear Lake and coordinated with Village/Municipal Utilities in the relocation of AFP's electrical transmission line.

Project Numbers


Square-Foot Steel Building


Pallets of Finished Goods Stored

$10.5 MM

Construction Budget

Project Gallery

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