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NSG Float Glass Plant | Luckey, OH

This Midwestern Industrial Park Development included the development of a new site for a $250 million manufacturing facility in an existing area designated for industrial development.

AC/a provided a comprehensive array of development type services for assisting the client in concept and final planning, zoning modification, land acquisition, survey work, environmental permitting, water and sanitary sewer extensions project permitting, rail spur extension, transmission level electrical service, and high pressure natural gas service to the site.

Elements of the prime site development that also provide infrastructure service to the adjoining 522-acre industrial area sites include the regional sanitary sewer system, looped 12-inch water main, electric service, and natural gas systems.

Funding for the municipal services was provided through state and local grants along with local funding. Developments of this site and related infrastructure will assist in the development and marketing of the overall industrial zoned area.

Project Details Included:

Zoning: AC/a developed the rezoning information and coordinated the public information meetings and public hearings to successfully obtain the required B-PUD zoning for the 131-acre site located within the 522-acre industrial area.

Inter-Governmental Cooperation: AC/a assisted with communication, technical information, and public meetings with and between various governmental agencies including township trustees and zoning board, the County Engineer, County Building & Code Enforcement, EPA offices, economic development agencies, state and county, Sanitary and Sewer Districts, DOT, and Workforce Development.

Environmental: AC/a provided environmental permitting for: wetlands, endangered species, construction storm water, geotechnical work, archeological issues, and traffic studies.

Infrastructure: AC/a designed or assisted with the design of the following infrastructure:
• Sanitary lift station and 10,000 LF force main from the site
• 12” municipal water system including 7,400 LF off-site water main to provide looped supply from existing system
• Rail Service Extension including (2) mainline service switches and 6,600 LF of service track
• Transmission level electrical service and substation 138 kv
• High-pressure natural gas service including new metering and pressure regulation station from 1,350 psi pipeline
• Access road improvements
• Construction storm water and erosion control. 8,200 LF site storm sewer
• Mass grading to raise the site area above local water levels – approximately 700,00 cubic yards
• 5 storm water treatment and storage ponds
• 450,000 square foot pre-engineered steel building
• 20,000 square foot offices and employee facilities
• New 20 MVA Transmission Electrical Substation

Project Numbers


Square-Foot Steel Building


Acre Project Site


Storm Water Treatment & Storage Ponds

Project Gallery

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